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I am a 22 yr old Foreign lady trying to get into an American med school. The journey has been "rough" to say the least. So join the band wagon and let's see if they think I'm good enough to become a doctor. I hope my story encourages someone, maybe you. Not necessarily to become a doctor, but just to follow your dream. Leave your comments as you read...I thrive on feedback. And if this is your first time here, catch up on what you missed, cus every post IS important...well almost all. So forget that board meeting(at your own risk) or skip that class (again at your own risk) and lose yourself in my archives. REMEMBER: "If it aint ROUGH, it aint RIGHT" - Richard Hamilton, Detroit Pistons Guard

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Some things you might want to know...

In preparation for the chosen day (tomorrow), I will proceed to go over my applications again for like the millionth time. The last 999,999 times I went over them, everything I wrote prior always looked so stupid. I always find some new website that has a supposedly indispensable list of " The BIG 10 don'ts for primary applications" and each time, I find out I'm always in violation of at least 7 of them. What can a sister do? I can't delete an essay that took me a month to write just because "John I-know-it all" says what I saw on "Jane I-know-more than-John's" website is wrong. ANYWAYS, I will be going over the applications for the LAST time tonite and only making GRAMMAR corrections. Those grammatic errors are also just a pain. I'm beginning to feel like someone goes into my account and adds new errors while I'm away because there just always seems to be a new one hiding you can rightly tell, the sooner I turn these apps in, the better my mental health will be.

So in the calm preceeding the next hurricane season (secondary applications), I will go ahead and fill you in on the rest of my past. To make sure we're all on thesame page, here is a link to some useful statistics . It might be quite overwhelming and completely useless to you now, but it will all come to make complete sense in the weeks to come.

To cut the long story short, here is my version of the requirements:

MCAT Possible Score Range: 3 - 45 , Score to aim for >= 30 (almost guaranteed admission)

Physical Sciences: Score Range: 1-15, Score to aim for >=10

Verbal Reasoning: Score Range: 1-15, Score to aim for >= 9

Writing Section: Score Range: J through T , Score to aim for >= P

Biological Sciences: Score Range: 1-15, Score to aim for >=10

Cummulative GPA >= 3.6/4.0

BCPM GPA >= 3.7/4.0 and > Cummulative GPA

Choose your destiny:
MCAT Score between 3 and 24: Only by some miracle can you get in, unless you're Black (not African), Hispanic, etc
(It was pointed out to me that Asian Americans are not included in this category. I had earlier thought that even though they had higher scores on average, they were still considered minority)

MCAT Score between 25 and 29: Your chances are a bit higher, but all thesame questionable. Financial aid is however, still very uncertain, unless of course you are of ethnic origin.

MCAT Score between 30 and 32: You are guaranteed a spot like I said earlier, but remember beggars can't be choosers.

MCAT Score 33 and above: The Sky is only the beginning. Ironically, some schools are very wary of extremely high scores (greater than 39 or so), then they begin to wonder if you actually have any people skills or you spent most of your adult life studying for the MCAT!

MCAT Score of 45: NO COMMENTS!

* wonderful extracurricular activities like extensive research, publications, athletics, etc can sway all these predictions drastically.

By the way "Physical Sciences" really means "Physics and General/Inorganic Chemistry" and "Biological Sciences" means "Biology and Organic Chemistry". The Verbal Reasoning is also not just reading comprehension. I really wish it was. It's exactly what the name says - VERBAL REASONING. They say all the answers are in the passage but thats a freaking lie. You have to read the passage and become the author. You have to get in his/her mind and think like them because at the end they're going to ask you some random question like what should be the topic of the next paragraph, or what was the author really thinking when he/she said blah blah blah. How on earth are we supposed to know? I apologize for my bad attitude and all but all I can say is no one should leave me in thesame room with the person/people/committee that created this exam. One word for the events that will occur.FOOLHARDINESS!

On a calmer note, I will fill you guys in on another part of my story in a few days.

PS: As I will be turning the apps in soon, I will appreciate it if you can bookmark my page if you are still interested in viewing it. Also, delete the link from your walls if you can (facebookers), if not I'll be going around and doing that in a few days. If you want to leave it on your wall do so, but pls find a way to get rid of my smiling face next to it. Operation "Get-Under-The-Radar" is officially in full swing.

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